memory mem‧o‧ry [ˈmemri] noun [uncountable] COMPUTING
the part of a computer in which information is stored:

• Storing and retrieving video images requires vast amounts of computer memory.

• a machine with 4 gigabytes of memory

• Both companies have sought other partners to make memory chips for them in Japan and South Korea.

ˌmain ˈmemory also ˌprimary ˈmemory COMPUTING
the most important unit of a computer's memory:

• It is the first machine capable of running an entire database out of main memory.

ˌrandom ˈaccess ˌmemory abbreviation RAM COMPUTING
the memory in a computer system that is used for running software:

• The program requires 512,000 bytes of random access memory.

ˈread only ˌmemory abbreviation ROM COMPUTING
the memory in a computer system where permanent instructions and information are stored — see also CD-ROM
ˌvirtual ˈmemory COMPUTING
the memory in a computer system that is stored and moved automatically as it is needed so that it appears to be in the main memory

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memory UK US /ˈmeməri/ noun [C or U] IT
the part of a computer in which information or programs are stored either permanently or temporarily, or the amount of space available on it for storing information: »

There has been a dramatic drop in price for computer memory and storage.


4GB/120 GB etc. memory

See also FLASH DRIVE(Cf. ↑flash drive), MAIN MEMORY(Cf. ↑main memory), RANDOM ACCESS MEMORY(Cf. ↑random access memory), READ-ONLY MEMORY(Cf. ↑read-only memory), VIRTUAL MEMORY(Cf. ↑virtual memory)

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